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Printing Directories


You can choose create a directory of services you found on this site in PDF format. The PDF document can be printed and/or saved to your computer. Note: a directory can contain a maximum of 1,000 service/site combinations. If your result list contains more than that, please use the Excel export option instead.

You can also print a directory you previously created and saved by clicking on the My tab, then clicking on the My Saved Directories link in the My Saved Resources panel. From the list of saved directories, click the Print icon next to the directory you want to print.

You have the following choices for what you want to include in the directory:

  • This entire result set: includes all services in the search results
  • Only the checked programs: includes only the programs you've checked in the Save column of the results page

Directories must first be created as PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) documents, so you will need Adobe Reader (or a comparable program like Foxit) installed on your computer in order to create a directory. If you don't have Adobe Reader, use the link to download it for free. Once you've created the directory in PDF format you can save it to your hard drive, print it, or e-mail it as an attachment to someone else.

Using the Print Directory panel

In this panel you can choose options for formatting and indexes for your directory, as well as what you'd like to appear on the title page.

Directory Format

Choose either a Detailed Directory, which will provide a lot of details about the services you've selected for the directory, or a Telephone Directory, which will include only the Provider Name, Address, Service Name, Phone Number and E-mail Address.

Indexing Options

(Optional) You can include up to 3 different indexes for your directory, which will make it easier to find specific providers, services, or subjects in the directory. Check the box next to any index you want to include, or choose none of them.

  • Index by Provider: An alphabetical list of provider names and corresponding page numbers
  • Index by Service: An alphabetical list of provider names and service names with corresponding page numbers
  • Index by Subject: A list of services by subject (taxonomy term) showing corresponding page numbers

Cover Page Options

Fill in any of the text boxes if you wish. What you enter here will appear on the cover page of your directory. Note: the Dated Printed will default to today's date, but can be changed if you wish.

Finalizing the directory

Click the Create PDF button to create the directory in PDF format.

Saving Directories


In addition to printing a directory, you can save the directory definition to My Saved Directories in the My section of this web site. This will allow you to retrieve the directory at any time when you are signed in. You can either save as a new directory or add the services you've selected to an existing directory.

Saving as a new directory

To save the selected services to a new directory, fill in the Save As text box in the Save Directory panel with a name you'll recognize when you see it in your list of saved directories. Then click the Save button.

Adding to an existing directory

To add the selected services to an existing directory, in the Add to an Existing Directory panel select from the list of previously saved directories in the drop down list and then click the Save button. The services will be added to the existing directory.

Accessing your Saved Directories

To access your saved directories, click on the My tab. Then, click on the My Saved Directories link under My Saved Resources.

Editing your Saved Directories

To edit the content of the saved directory, first click the My tab. Then click the My Saved Directories link in the My Saved Resources panel.

Click the Edit icon next to the directory you want to edit. This will take you to a list of the services that are included in this directory. If you want to remove any of the services from the directory, check them off in the Remove column and then click the Remove Checked Resources button. NOTE: this will permanently remove the selected service(s) from the directory.